Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 2

Yep you guessed it, the fun is about to begin!
I still like Jason but likely because he is cheating! He had the receptionist start me on a stationary bike, 10 minutes, I control the speed, not to bad. Jason checked on me half way in and ask me how I was doing then went on to do other things leaving me to sweat it out on my own. You got to give it to the guy, he asks me how I am half way when I for the sake of dignity can't say ahhhh, heck it's only been 5 (long) minutes!
Then we moved on to another machine... cant remember the name or how to pronounce it but similar to a stair stepper with a bit of a kicking action, another 10 minutes, Great. Well maybe great, I was afraid to quit on the thing for fear of falling off of it! They said the machine is moved by me but I am not convinced, it felt more like it was propelling me. Sweet Jason came and stayed by my side at about 7 minutes. I'm not so sure if it was because it was close to time or if people were frightened by how I looked trying to use the dang thing. He had me hold on in a different are and the machine showed him my heart rate... interesting, it has a color thing that says if you are working hard or not so much, it couldn't make up it's mind, it just kept changing colors. Jason told me to take my time getting to the pool... thank goodness.
The pool as usual felt great.
All in all not to bad of a start for week 2.

Day 3 & 4

So, day 3; I over lapped with a Dr. appointment so I missed "Therapy" which we all know I desperately need, well, "physical therapy" not so desperate but still a need. So we will go to day 4.
It was good, I still like Jason, he added some treading water and some more resistance stretching then increased some of the repetitions and times. Monday however will probably be a different story...(it was, it's now Monday and I am catching up on things!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 2

So far I still like Jason, he hasn't actively tried to drown me. More of the same water resistance, we added three new activities to my routine, it must be doing something, I didn't stay and "play" in the water this time. Go me...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 1

Well, not so bad! I got to swim... I walked stretched twisted and squatted (fortunately, Jason had me move to the shallow end before the first squat!).
I did learn that Diabetics are not supposed to go in hot tubs! I did not know that. Apparently hot tubs increase your metabolism and drop your blood sugar. Wahoo, another trick to get at treat!
Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Step 3 / The first appointment, but not really "Day 1"

Well, I did it. I got up for the 8am way before I am ready to be awake appointment (that I scheduled and said "sure 8am sounds great! let's get it over and done with so I can enjoy the rest of the day") I filled out the paperwork that authorizes physical abuse... ahem "therapy" and followed blindly the nice boy "Jason" who called my name back to certain torture. He had me sit in a chair, which I immediately pulled closer to him because I hate talking across room's, (I think I have Bishop Gunther to blame for that one). Harmless question's... but the one that came back to get me, "do you like water?" to which is a simple if anyone knows me no brainier "NO" (If it isn't Milk or Soda I generally don't drink it!) Then we did some bending and stretching "tell me when it starts to hurt", followed by the awkward lye on the table poking and prodding. I really think that Dr.'s and Therapist alike would greatly benefit from video cameras that record facial expressions as opposed to trusting you to admit your a Pansie and saying ouch! Fortunately Jason was observant and noticed the wincing and trying to get away from him, I guess you could say his fingers chased me across the table until he had touched every tender spot on my back! Then back to the chair. He started to discuss his game plan "I know you said you don't like water but I really think that is where we need to start" (in my head I am saying of course you do, and so does everyone else who know's how little I drink) But outloud I agreed I would cooperate and do as I was told, then it came... "Were going to do Three day's a week, starting Friday I know you said you don't like water, but I really think you would benefit most if we put you in the pool." the pool! you did say pool? "yes" I LOVE to swim, I will swim all day for you... "But you said you don't like water?" I thought you were talking about drinking it! Which of course led to "how much water would you say you drink?" and we all know where that went.
So the results from the first appointment;
I get to go to therapy for 3 day's a week, and I have to start drinking "some" water. I think I like it when they say "some" that leaves it totally up for "interpretation".
First appointment "a success".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Step 1 and 2

Step 1, I called the "physical therapist" today and set up my first appointment for Wednesday morning. I figure if I do it in the morning it can be over with and I can enjoy the rest of the day... right? The girl told me to bring my "work out clothes" and my tennie-shoes, I am a perfect stranger and she presumes I have work out clothes, she MUST work in the gym. lol, no normal person would assume so much of me.
Step 2, I brought home Mom's treadmill so I can start the walking... So far... It's still in the truck! lol.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I laughed out loud at the Dr. If your in need of entertainment... read on/follow this blog

I won't promise accurate spelling, and certainly not proper grammar or even close punctuation, but the "entertainment factor" will be over the top!
I have decided to Blog my next 6 months. Why? some might ask, well it all started way back, well, I'm not sure when. But the first recorded trip to the emergency room relating to my back was in 1996. What happened in 1996, well if you know tell me because I / we don't remember! So we are just skipping to say January 2010 when I slid down the stairs at work aggravating an existing back injury sending my pain management out the door and wanting to get to the bottom of the problem.
I have had 3 MRI's and a bone scan done. They have given me 4 cortisone shots into my spine, and we (Cheryl and I) went to a follow up appointment on Thursday... And so it begins.
The poor man, while attractive and comfortable to be around, he just couldn't get the dang xrays to stick in that little bar at the top of the viewer and one of the lights wasn't wanting to be turned on but after some repeated efforts he was finally able to review the pictures and explain some problems in my back.
Now let's talk solutions say's the Dr.! Cheryl and I were sitting in the expected behavior position, intent on what he was going to say, certain to take everything to heart, and he just blurted it out... "I want you to loose 40 lbs over the next 6 months, I want you walking at LEAST 2 miles a day... and it happened, I busted up laughing, out loud, for real. I finally contained myself and quietly said "I'm listening" and he continued. Bottom line, physical therapy, exercise and the usual diet.
While having been diagnosed diabetic I have paid a bit more attention to my diet than I have in the past and initially lost 62 lbs. I know "I CAN do this" however finding that "motivating want" often like so many others motivation needs eludes me! So I find it interesting that I have purchased my first "Grocery stand magazine" in, well ever! Because it has posted on the cover weight loss tip's that have been researched by some well known university back east, (I could tell you the name of it but the magazine is across the room and I would have to get up and "walk" there to tell you)... so maybe later! Anyhow it say's to choose 3 of the 20 things that were proven to help people in their efforts and one of them was having a buddy.
My Buddy:
Let me introduce you to Susie. She is my neighbor who is prescribed the same physical therapy for many of the same back problem's, and she is elated that I need to go because we can now go together and she will be more confident about her time there! The only problem I can see with this is Susie is supposed to be working on "getting a little fat on her bones" (she weighs 109 at 5'3") and I am to loose 40 lbs at 5'6" Oh the irony.
So watch and wait, I will post what's going on and progress reports at least weekly.

240.2 lbs and counting.